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Environment´s information

The Land of Mérida- Low Meadows is built by 25 municipalities, grouped in four spaces which are clearly defined: southern foothills of the Mountain Chain of Saint Pedro, the surroundings of Natural Park of Cornalvo, the central depression of Guadiana and the area of the mountain chains of Peñas Blancas- La Garza. Each territorial space has its own characteristic but all of them have as common axis the river Guadiana that waters its rich meadows. The main historical-artistic core is without any doubt, Mérida.
The Natural Park of Cornalvo is a space of very ecological importance. In the Park you can see a lot of vegetation (trees like the holm oak, the cork oak and the ash) and bushes such as cistus, heather, lavenders, strawberry, brushes and brooms. You also could see different mammals such as the wild boar, the otter, the Iberian cat and the badger, and reptiles such as bastard snake, the European Galapagos and the rosy salamander. It is a natural space where many birds live such as the black stork, the royal heron, the minor beak and many predatory birds such as the royal owl, the black vulture and the toed eagle. Close to the water there are many aquatic species such as the    royal duck, the cormorant, the grebe and chorlitejo. You will also find frogs and amphibians such as Saint Antón, the green frog or the salamander.


It is a locality located in the Silver Way, three kilometers to the North of El Carrascalejo. It is a small village of Muslim origin. It has a Gothic church dedicated to Saint Andrés with Renaissance façade. Seven kilometers to the North is the province of Badajoz. Its term belongs to the Natural Park of Cornalvo. In a track that joins Aljucén and Mérida and marking the edges of the River Aljucén, there are remains of the characteristic vegetation of the shore Guadiana with forests of poplars, willows, osiers and rosebays. These gloves are home to an interesting faunal community, associated to the environment of the Rivera whose more remarkable elements are the birds. The most representative one is Garcilla Bueyera that nests in the small islets of the reservoir. You also can see ducks, coots, seagulls and other aquatic birds.


* The City of Mérida.
* The Natural Park of Cornalvo.
* The Roman Press of Proserpina.
* Badajoz.
* Cáceres.
* Trujillo.


Hiking, Biking Trails, Horseback Riding, Multi Adventure, Golf, Monuments Routes Gastronomic routes, Hunting, Fishing, etc ...


Mérida infinita
Mérida es la ciudad romana por excelencia. Además de ser Patrimonio de la Humanidad es una ciudad llena de vida y de multitud de actividades. Visigoda, romana, islámica y cristiana. Fascinación total.
Parque Natural de Cornalvo
En este entorno natural de encinas y alcornoques se encuentra la presa romana de Cornalvo sobre el arroyo Albarregas.
Dolmen en Lácara
Es un monumento megalítico de dimensiones sorprendentes. Una verdadera joya del Calcolítico en muy buen estado de conservación y muy cerca de Mérida además.


Festival de Cine Inédito
En Mérida, del 12 al 21 de noviembre
Se acoge anualmente a los amantes del cine para celebrar sus festival dedicado al séptimo arte.
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